shutterstock_86214706Supply Chain Management


Unique Supply Chains Require Distinctive Solutions

Supply chains are complex and they require integrated planning and optimization over short-, mid- and long-term horizons. They are an elaborate and multi-faceted interaction of systems, processes, organizations, behaviors, suppliers and operations which require a cross functional approach. Each client has a unique supply chain and Myrtle’s teams will meet the requirements of each distinctive supply channel with planning and execution solutions. We will establish an integrated approach to all the areas of operations including planning and management, procurement, logistics, and information technology in order to optimize performance.

Myrtle recognizes that companies are under extreme pressure due to rising freight costs, increasing labor rates, new regulations and rising commodity prices. There is the added responsibility of maintaining safety and quality standards to avoid recalls or safety issues that can damage a company’s reputation. Therefore, periodic assessments and redesigns are needed. Myrtle creates net value by building an optimized infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally.


Network Optimization

Network Designs with the Lowest Cost Structure

Supply chains are characterized by complexity, volatility, unpredictability and instability. Myrtle’s dedicated teams help to stabilize, manage and optimize your supply chain network design by providing solutions that ensure that the operational impacts of decisions are effectively analyzed and alternative strategies are evaluated that will maximize shareholder value.

We recognize that different functions often work well on their individual objectives and achieve local optimization but can adversely impact the overall supply chain performance. Myrtle teams locate and rationalize the facilities, judiciously determine their capacities and deliver significant reductions in supply chain costs by identifying areas for optimization and better aligning all facets of the network design. By proactively implementing changes and making the network agile the company can address current changes and future needs.


Distribution Optimization

Maximizing Market Share by Optimizing Distribution

Rethinking your distribution network is now more relevant than ever due to the unpredictability of fuel costs, rising freight capacities and growth which can strain existing distribution centers. Rapidly getting a product to market is powerfully integral to gaining more market share but meeting demands without exceeding capacities and supplies and minimizing shipping costs is equally as critical.

Myrtle’s teams have the intimate knowledge necessary for re-engineering the logistics network and the expertise to optimize the distribution structure within your company by finding the best network setup with the optimal amount of facilities, allocation of clients/suppliers and arrangement of inventory. We identify major improvements in cost service and sustainability while effectively managing risk and balancing operating expenses and working capital with cost-effective sourcing and inventory strategies.


Demands and Supply Planning

Time-Phased Replenishment Plans

Demand variability and seasonality issues are just two of the myriad conditions that supply planning must address. An integral part of the web-like entity that supply chains are, supply planning must expertly orchestrate supply and demand to fulfill requirements and achieve financial objectives. Myrtle works to optimize inventory targets by planning and coordinating resources needed for production and the synchronization of supply chains. Providing such tools as S&OP, production planning, demand planning, resource management, procurement management, and information technologies our clients can forecast demand and ascertain the volume of production, stock and sources necessary for distribution and maximization of profit.


Inventory/Warehouse Management

Dynamic Systems Drive Profit Margins

Inventory and warehouse management have overlapping features and play an equally complex role in the supply chain. Warehousing involves location management, inventory control, occupational health and safety, inbound receipt procedures and outbound delivery procedures. The main capital invested in by companies is its inventory which requires storage, put away, turn strategies, documentation, disposal, etc. Myrtle provides leading edge solutions and methods to optimize warehouse operations and inventory management by increasing agility, visibility and labor efficiency. Our teams make warehouses more effectual and streamlined however complex its system may be (basic or warehouse management systems operating in a real-time mode using RFID system barcode or other equipment/software technology). We recognize that dynamic warehouse and inventory management systems affect key performance drivers such as sales, mark-ups and most importantly, profit margins.


SKU Rationalization

The Law of Diminishing Returns

Many businesses are in denial when it comes to paring down inventory. It is difficult to eliminate unnecessary SKUs. To satisfy consumer niches, companies often increase the number of their products and brands. Sales and marketing programs lead companies to increase the volume of products in stock. However, root cause analysis can help businesses avoid building up excess inventory that is keeping carrying and holding costs extremely high. Having a plethora of SKUs is a complex business operation which entails multiple suppliers and machines, increased storage space as well as high inventory costs. Myrtle has the expertise to change SKU Proliferation to SKU Rationalization and help companies identify the strategic SKUs that are driving profits. Our team analyzes the merits of adding, retaining or removing products that are either positively or negatively impacting the bottom line and accurately forecasts the financial impact of SKU Rationalization before implementation.


Supplier/Contractor Management

Creating Win/Win Relationships

Suppliers are some of the key players in any operation. They directly and indirectly impact the success of your company. Properly optimized and accountable, supplier management is a critical part of an effective supply chain. Even so, many operations executives lack strong systems and processes that effectively work with contractors to maximize their performance, align them with business objectives and link them with relevant functions. Myrtle works to support collaboration with your suppliers through evaluation and continuous monitoring in the form of audits, supply scorecards, and quality reports. We help you control the end-to-end supplier lifecycle and offer the expertise required to select suppliers, define the selection criteria, and manage contracts/SLAs. Our team assists clients with their own systematic active management of contractor relationships in order to improve collaboration, create visibility, and maximize the value delivered throughout the lifecycle of their contracts.