shutterstock_399241594Data Analytics (Operomics™)


Myrtle Operomics combines human intuition and domain expertise with advanced statistical analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver long-term, sustainable operational excellence. By working to model data that precisely and thoroughly represents underlying processes and trends in your business, Myrtle’s Operomics ensures that insights are accurate, relevant and entrenched in your operations.

Operomics offers the following:

  • Intelligent Demand Forecasting – Accurate and rapid forecasts which reduce inventory holding costs, improve production plan, reduce occurrences of excess stock and decrease obsolescence.
  • Automated Quality Control – Meet quality standards by reducing output variability through training machine learning models to control input parameters without human intervention.
  • Predictive Maintenance Analytics – Through real-time analysis of multiple parameters, predict critical equipment failure patterns to proactively schedule maintenance and prevent unscheduled downtime.
  • Automated Customer Segmentation – Leverage machine learning to identify commonalities in your customer base in order to identify profitable segments, improve customer relations and enable enhanced price differentiation Coupled with Myrtle Groups 25+ years of customized operational solutions, our proprietary machine learning engine augments state-of-the-art methodology that integrates your business processes and optimizes your company’s operations.