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Major Growth Requires Proactive Strategies

Canadian oil production is predicted to steadily grow to 5.1 million barrels per day by 2030. That growth represents 1.25 million more barrels per day in just 13 years. Midstream operations will be hard pressed to transport and store this additional volume. Pipelines are presently under pressure to guarantee reliable operations for the continuous distribution of oil and gas. Many midstream companies have already experienced projects that have overrun their budgets and thus faced tens of millions in unexpected losses. A comprehensive asset care system is crucial to improving uptime and ensuring vessel integrity. This requires dedication, evolving knowledge, a shared vision and fierce commitment. Myrtle Consulting Group can help midstream companies achieve operational excellence and higher profit margins by assisting in the installation or upgrade of existing maintenance programs and improving the reliability of terminals, compressor and pumping stations and support equipment. As the industry grows your operation will maintain asset integrity, reduce waste and increase profits.