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With high infrastructure and operations costs, commodity price variability and dramatic shifts in demand patterns, the Pulp & Paper industry is under pressure to achieve complete operational efficiency and cost reduction. Operators continue to contend with competition from imports, growing environmental demands, and consolidation of the industry, all placing additional burden on production teams to reduce variability while maintaining quality and profit margins. Increased regulations have added additional complexity to operations already struggling with a lack of manufacturing efficiency.

Serving Pulp & Paper companies, Myrtle Group helps producers maximize their assets and efficiency by addressing the systems, processes and people that are often the source of variability. By maximizing all resources with Myrtle’s Management Operating Systems Methodology, Pulp & Paper companies realize long-term sustainable gains in productivity.

Our solutions apply to the various production lines.

Mechanical and chemical pulp production

From safety measures required for working in environments involving chemicals and heat, to yield variability, Myrtle can help automate process and implement leading indicators to identify potential loss-causing events before they occur.

Paper and packaging

As demand shifts from paper to packaging and other paper products, manufacturers must be able to shift production resources to meet demands quickly and efficiently. This requires flexibility as well as keen forecasting capabilities. Consistent quality is essential as well. With the growing demand for tissue products, bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp (BCTMP) and old corrugated cardboard (OCC) comes new customer demands for enhanced performance as well as higher environmental and technology standards (RFID).

Engineered wood

Fraught with environmental concerns and performance pressure, engineered wood production requires careful formulation. The ability to ensure consistency and maintain visibility are critical. Myrtle helps create systems that make it easy to identify and address variability.

Although highly automated, manufacturers are realizing that the ‘human element’ – systems, processes and people – are essential to the success of the operation. To remain competitive, paper mills are looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Myrtle Consulting Group addresses the complete value chain from end to end. Our holistic approach is proven to achieve operational excellence in all of the different production facilities and across the entire lifecycle from raw material acquisition and production to recycling and logistics.