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The Crude Oil & Gas (O&G) sector faces unprecedented business challenges and risks on multiple fronts in a market characterized by a continual drop in oil prices due to increased global crude oil supplies.

This extended oil price downturn highlights the urgency for producers to be able to operate profitability under varying price conditions. In the current low-price environment, performance gaps have become even more prominent due to a heightened awareness among investors, stakeholders and employees.

For oil & gas producers, cutting costs is not enough to survive in this volatile environment. Operational excellence is the key to sustainable performance and profitability. Myrtle Consulting Group is dedicated to driving operational excellence that allows refineries to utilize all of their assets safely, reliably, sustainably and cost effectively.

Myrtle Consulting Group helps producers establish long-term competitive advantage by reducing operational costs and improving performance in significant and sustainable ways. The Myrtle Consulting Group delivers value in all phases of the Oil & Gas value stream from Upstream to Midstream to Downstream Operations.