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Many consumer product organizations are facing an operational environment that is more complex than ever. In addition to internal pressures, such as cost reduction and output increases, consumer product manufacturers must be nimble in order to swiftly respond to marketplace shifts. Changing consumer preferences and fluctuating market conditions are unpredictable and also have a significant impact on operations. Myrtle Consulting Group has extensive practice in accelerating sustainable improvements with quantifiable results for top organizations in the consumer products industry. We employ a flexible and adaptable deployment model. Backed by more than 25 years of proven industry expertise in applying best practice solutions, we will provide you with focused analyses and a tailored approach for tackling your specific challenges. We also provide training and development to maximize returns and empower your team to sustain results. Please visit our case studies page to learn more about how we differentiate ourselves by employing passion, pace and performance to drive operational excellence for leading consumer products manufacturers.