The-TransitionThe Transition


General Context

With the improved understanding of your operation as a result of the Assessment Validation Scan (AVS), we will work with your team to select a deployment model. In some cases, you will want to limit the scope for a project because there may be parts of your operation that are relatively strong.

The transition is designed for situations where deep-reaching and sustained changes are needed in a specific area. Examples include improving the effectiveness of your maintenance function, improving the performance of the sanitation group or making improvements in your order-to-cash process.

Description and Objective

During the transition deployment, which is normally 16 weeks, Myrtle consultants will work alongside your employees to diagnose issues and design appropriate solutions. Skills are transferred as solutions are implemented, problems are resolved and expected results are realized.

Expected Output

Once the transition deployment is complete, clients can expect a three-month post-project plan that will lay out any remaining sustainability actions, an audit and a follow-up schedule.