The-TransformationThe Transformation


General Context

Myrtle Consulting Group will work with you to select the best deployment model after we have completed the Assessment Validation Scan (AVS) which will have given us a better understanding of your operations. When the scope includes more than one plant function, we recommend the transformation. An example of the transformation is a project in which improvements in maintenance, production and sanitation are needed to realize a compelling benefits case. This deployment option is appropriate for plants wrestling with deeply engrained issues; for recently acquired operations that need to fit into your network; or for operations looking to make a step change in performance.

Description and Objective

The transformation is typically 24 weeks. As part of this deployment, you will receive post implementation support, or aftercare, for a period of six months following project completion.  During the transformation, our consultants will work side-by-side with your teams across multiple areas of the operation to diagnose issues and design applicable solutions. Skills are transferred as solutions are implemented, problems are resolved and expected results are realized. The key differentiation between the transition and the transformation is the width of the scope. A transformation deployment is also likely to have a better return on investment than a transition.

Expected Output

Clients can expect to realize the transformation results. They can also expect an aftercare plan to outline remaining actions to sustain improvements, an audit and a follow-up schedule.