The-JourneyThe Journey


General Context

Myrtle Consulting Group will collaborate to select a deployment model after we have a better understanding of your operations through an Assessment Validation Scan (AVS). In some cases, we will conclude together that more than one operation in your network can benefit from one of our deployment options. In such cases, we will work with you to design a journey that we will execute together to realize your vision. The journey model gives us the ability to realize economies of scales that we can pass on to you. More importantly, this option enables us to design a change program that fits your long term vision and allows alignment within your network.

Description and Objective

The duration of the journey depends on the scope and complexity of the program. A normal time frame is typically 12 months. During that period, change management projects are executed across the network. We will work with you to identify and prioritize projects. We plan the program and agree on a series of milestones to track results and progress. An aftercare period of 12 months is built into the package to enable the proper follow-up to guarantee sustain progress and to ensure the program continues to garner results. An example of the journey includes implementing lean manufacturing across your network of plants or distribution centers.

Expected Output

When the year-long implementation is complete, Myrtle will provide an aftercare plan to outline remaining actions to sustain the results. The plan will also contain an audit and a follow-up schedule.