The-InterventionThe Intervention


General Context

Once Myrtle Consulting Group has submitted results from the Assessment Validation Scan (AVS), consultants will meet with your company and, together, the best deployment model will be selected.

In some instances, a short, highly-intense deployment is needed. This would address a very specific challenge in your operation. For those approaches we suggest the intervention. Examples of projects needing this type of deployment include:

  • Increasing output of a production line
  • Turning around performance of a distribution center
  • Setting up the beginning elements of a reliability system

Description and Objective

The duration of the intervention is four to eight weeks. The timeline is set on an individual basis and can be longer or shorter in some cases. During the deployment, Myrtle consultants will focus on the identified problem and work side-by-side with your employees until the expected targets are met.

This approach is a great way for the client to see how Myrtle Consulting Group works and decide whether they will choose us to implement larger engagements.

Expected Output

Once the deployment is completed, a plan for post-project actions is given to the client. Myrtle consultants will monitor progress to ensure the gains made during the deployment are sustained. The Myrtle team will also offer a proposal for other improvements the company may want to consider in the future.