Initial-WlakthroughInitial Walkthrough


Myrtle Consulting Group initiates client engagements by conducting a site visit, which we refer to as the initial walkthrough. We developed this process as a way to provide value in the beginning stages of our relationship.

The key objective of the initial walkthrough is to gain an understanding of your current operational performance. We will meet with you, discuss your operations and improvement objectives and focus our assessment on the following key areas:

  • Production Operations
  • Materials Management
  • Size and Complexity of Production System
  • Process Layout and Performance
  • Quality Systems
  • Lean Concepts
  • Continuous Improvement Principles and Culture
  • Management Systems
  • Organizational Culture

We will utilize proprietary and established assessment tools to ensure the walkthrough is effective and provides useful information and feedback. In some instances, we conduct interviews with members of your team. This helps ensure we have a diverse, yet accurate, view of your challenges. Interviews are optional and applied at your discretion.

Upon completion of the initial walkthrough, we are confident we will have collected sufficient information to evaluate your operation against your objectives and provided an independent expert point of view.

Typical Initial Walkthrough Schedule

While each visit can be adapted to accommodate specific client needs, most initial walkthroughs are performed according to the following schedule:

  • Introductions
    1. Site Orientation
    2. Visit Overview
    3. Myrtle Consulting Group Objectives
  • Site tour to gather observations
  • Interviews with key site managers (at client’s discretion)
  • Conduct one or two “Day in the Life” studies: These observations are generally three to four hours and are conducted with key leaders in your operation
  • Observe operational meeting(s)

Typical Advance Data Request

To maximize effectiveness, we sometimes request information in advance of the initial walkthrough. The information can help guide our observations and following improvement recommendations. We ensure the utmost privacy of your data and will execute a confidentially agreement as part of the process.

Data requests are dependent upon a client’s specific context, but are likely to entail:

  • Most recent site scorecard/management report
  • Three year financial trends (ideally pro-forma P&L) with key spending areas
  • Three year monthly production volumes by major product category
  • Three year monthly performance trends: OEE, downtime, yield, waste
  • Site Organization Chart
  • Three year headcount trends (hourly, salary, production only, maintenance only)
  • Site Layout
  • Project charts with results from current and previous improvement programs

A compelling success scenario should be your expected result following the initial walkthrough. Our proposed next step is to perform an Assessment and Validation Scan (AVS) to validate all assumptions and formalize the business case. When extreme challenges are immediately evident, we will provide an accelerated process to realize improvements.