Assesssment-and-Validation-Scans-(AVS)Assessment & Validation Scan (AVS)


General Context

Myrtle Consulting Group considers the Assessment and Validation Scan (AVS) the first phase collaborative implementation. By the time we begin this process, Myrtle consultants have completed the Initial Walkthrough and given estimate of cost versus return.

Description and Objective

The duration of a typical AVS is three days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of your operation. The purpose of the AVS is to perform an in-depth analysis on the scope of work needed and to determine the deployment model best suited for your company. The project cost and expected return are also determined during this time. An AVS is considered by Myrtle consultants as a collaborative effort. Clients are involved and updates are provided throughout the process. Activities performed may include:

  • Floor observations
  • Process/Value stream mapping
  • Structured interviews
  • Production loss accounting
  • Operation cost analysis
  • Electronic data collection
  • Root cause analysis and quick win workshops
  • Deployment model customization and training

Expected Output

At the completion of the AVS, clients can expect the following: