Lean Six Sigma (1)Myrtle Approach


Leading manufacturers consistently strive for operational excellence. Myrtle Consulting Group has proven experience in providing performance improvement strategies to leading global companies. We offer a flexible and adaptable deployment model to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We initiate each engagement by performing an Initial Walkthrough to assess the operation. We deliver structured first impressions and work with you to determine the steps necessary for achieving and sustaining manufacturing excellence. Our Initial Walkthrough is complimentary and is typically completed in one day. Open and honest communication is an ongoing practice at Myrtle. We outline various deployment options, expected costs and the minimum projected return on investment that will be delivered to the organization.

The Assessment Validation Scan (AVS) is the next step in our collaboration, its duration can range from three days to two weeks. AVS provides an in-depth analysis of the required scope of work and helps determine the best deployment model suited for your operation.

Based on more than 25 years of expertise, Myrtle has developed four deployment options:

Our promise to deliver passion, pace and performance to every client is unmatched. Initial Walkthrough and AVS supply opportunities for you to see Myrtle consultants in action and gain an understanding of how our capabilities will work to challenge, grow and develop your most valuable resources.